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3 DAYS with Donald, co-creating YOUR OWN action plan!

You are invited to the P727 3-Day Virtual LIVE Retreat, where your financial journey takes a quantum leap forward. Our event is exclusive and designed for those who are committed to building wealth and securing their financial future.

Join Us for Exclusive Insights, Expert Guidance, and Customized Strategies to Build Wealth and Achieve Your Goals.

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This might sound like the stuff of fairytales... but stepping into financial freedom and security is possible when you know how. 

Without a doubt the fastest and easiest track to do this is through real estate. With a battle tested framework that has been proven to work no matter what your starting point is, buying your first property has never been so possible....Want to begin?

  • Say goodbye to feeling lost and overwhelmed when it comes to your money and learn to use it in a way that will create longer-term security and financial freedom, WITHOUT risk or speculation
  • ​Stop chasing the latest trends or gurus who can only offer a one-size-fits-all cookie cutter solution and instead benefit from 1-to-1 mentorship so you can create a plan of action tailored to your unique circumstance and needs
  • Understand how real investors, invest in property in order to safeguard their future and which property investment strategies are the most effective in this day and age
  • ​Learn to think like the top 10% wealthiest people in the world and step out of the world's drama of fear and uncertainty, with level-headed decisions that will keep you on track and working from a place of peace and hope
  • ​Create a tailored and effective PLAN of action that you will be able to execute easily so YOU CAN begin your journey into financial independence
  • ​Shock and delight family and friends by stepping into the world of investors and real estate with integrity and wisdom, no matter how humble your beginnings might be or how ignorant you might at first feel
  • ​Expand your value and own personal development with insights, understanding, tools and strategies that will enable you to teach and equip others so that together we can make the world a better place
  • What:
    3-Day LIVE Virtual Event hosted on Zoom 
  • When:
    Thurs Nov 30th - Sat Dec 2nd 2023 8am-1pm PST
  • Why:
    Because when you have a plan anything becomes possible

Imagine 3 days with Donald accelerating & safeguarding the process...

  • An immersive experience designed to fast-track your journey and secure BIG wins!
  • ​With live training sessions, Q&As, Workshop experience, 1-to-1 mentorship in a group setting
  • ​Thurs 30th Nov - Sat 2nd Dec 2023. Available only ONCE a year!
  • ​​8am PST - 1pm PST with lifetime access to Recordings
  • Small group setting - Places are limited to ONLY 10 Challenge Participants who will be invited to join an elite group of P727 members
  • ​Leave with a tailored and effective PLAN of action that you will be able to execute easily to begin your journey into financial independence

A tried and tested pathway that anybody can follow that is simple, do-able and able to generate real results...

Thought you needed a vast amount of money to begin investing in real estate? Think life has disqualified you from building generational wealth? Believe you have run out of time to create financial security for your family? It's time to think again...

Day 1


Know YOUR starting point and the BEST path forward tailored to YOUR CURRENT CIRCUMSTANCE

Day 2


Distil the important information you MUST KNOW from the nuanced ideas that aren't always required 

Day 3


Create a plan of action that is simple, tailored to your needs and do-able so you can accelerate progress!

From Dream to Reality + Bonuses = $7,079
Get it for ONLY $2,997!!

What have you got to lose? 

Apply now and learn how we can equip you with everything you need for the long-haul... More than just a flash in the pan, we've designed this event to support you beyond our 3-days together. With resources and tools that you will be able to access 24-7 - why not apply to learn more?

Exclusive 3-Day LIVE Event

Creation of a Customized Plan tailored to you

Lifetime access to event recordings, working sessions & hot-seats

Lifetime access to P727 training library

PLUS additional bonuses & treats

What are you waiting for?

Ready to create your very own plan of action that will last you years into the future, in just 3 days?

Before this 3-day retreat

  • ​Feeling lost and uncertain whether you can keep your momentum for change going by yourself
  • ​Frustrated that you don't have the time or energy to create an effective plan of action that will accelerate you years ahead into your dreamed-of future
  • Scared that if you enter into property investing, you could put you and the ones you love at risk or harm
  • ​Anxious that you will disappoint yourself or those around you with never finishing what you have started

After this 3-day retreat

  • Have in your hand a tailored and effective plan of action tailored to YOU that you will last you years into the future
  • ​Know you are equipped to navigate the world's fear and uncertainty with level-headed decisions and a deep understanding of how wealth and finances work in a way that will keep you safe and on track
  • ​Be confident that you have all you need for success and can take your next steps knowing you are on a pathway that will take you to where you want to be
  • ​Connect with peers so you are not alone

Got questions?

Where will this 3-Day event take place?
This event is a virtual event. Sessions will be hosted on Zoom and will be accessible via desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. However, for the best experience we recommend joining in via your desktop or laptop. 
What time are the sessions and what happens if I'm in a different time zone?
Our LIVE training sessions are due to run from 9am PST until 2pm PST. There will be breaktimes in between plus time scheduled for a lunch/dinner break (depending on your time zone). Although we highly recommend joining in LIVE for as much of the event as possible, we understand that life happens and this might be difficult due to differences in time zone, which is why all participants will also benefit from LIFETIME recordings of all our session to ensure you don't miss a thing.
How much will this event cost?
The cost is $2997 for the 3-Day Virtual Live Event which includes a BONUS of 6 months free for the 6-month membership (a total of $7,079 in value).
What support will I receive?
You can ask questions during the live session and email the P727 team as needed. The Team will endeavour to answer your questions as soon as practically possible.
What is the "P727" Movement?
"P727" stands for "Prosperity - 7 Stages to 7 Digits" This is the Success Path and framework to be able to go from 0 Digits (from nothing, no money, no job, no assets) to 7 Digits (one Million dollars). The P727 Movement is a movement that takes everyday people on the "Journey" to financial independence by first reaching your first Million dollars, and then learning how to reproduce it at any given time, in any country! Our movement is for everyone that believes that this journey can happen for them and wants to be in a community of like-minded family members that will support and walk that journey with you!

Transforming lives all across the world

There are some life principles that stand the test of time no matter where you are in the world or what the current state of the economy is
"Donald is a visionary leader who has an uncanny focus on getting results not only in his business ventures but also his personal life. I learned a lot from Donald, the most important lesson is to have a goal and vision for our careers and life. Donald is a great strategist."
- A.S. from Arkansas
"Donald is very passionate and committed to his goals. He has invested time and effort to learn from the best in the fields, and put the knowledge into action. As a result, he has achieved incredible success. I consider Donald one of my mentors in the real estate world. On a personal level, he always offers knowledge I can use."
- R.Y. from Arizona
"Donald has a combinaton of great qualities that make him an outstanding person. To name a few qualities, he strives to find ways to help people in need and has an uncanny ability to look at all angles of a situation, all the while working calmly under pressure. One of his greatest assets is his business and real estate wisdom."
- B.J. from California
"Donald is a very motivated individual, yet very creative in finding solutions/strategic initiatives to satisfy all stakeholders."
- Z.P. from Missouri
"He possesses a high level of business acumen and a deep knowledge of financial statements, managing budgets and other related criteria."
- P.H. from Arizona
"I would highly recommend anybody to have at least a five-minute conversation to have the chance to hear his strategies and knowledge on various topics and you will be a believer."
- M.R. from Arizona
"Donald always took the time to work with me individually (and our group corporately) to explain the importance of setting goals and "raising the bar higher" with respect to personal achievements."
- K.T. from Arkansas
"Of all the ones I have had the pleasure of working with, none have had the impact on my life and career that Donald has. Anyone having the opportunity to work with Donald will be a better individual for it."
- G.C. from Missouri
"He was an outstanding mentor and practiced what he preached. His diverse background along with his high level of integrity created a positive culture around Donald."
- L.P. from Texas
"Donald has served as a Real Estate Investing Mentor to my husband and me for the last 7 months. During that time, I've learned that he is an excellent teacher who is very well versed in goal setting, personal finance, and real estate acquisition. Donald is an out-of-the-box thinker who enjoys a challenge and can always find a solution to meet the needs of his clients. I recommend Donald as a mentor to anyone looking to develop an investment strategy."
- J.A. from Texas
"Donald has worked with me to open my mind to personal financial opportunities. We have spent many hours discussing creative methods of growing a real estate portfolio which combines both short and long term goals to financial freedom and wealth accumulation. I only wish that I had met him sooner and acted quicker. You can tell that he sincerely enjoys helping other people see opportunities to get out of the rat race and build and execute a healthy financial plan. He is an intensely knowledgeable coach - I recommend everyone to tap into his intelligence and let him help you become financially comfortable and wealthy in the years to come."
- R.C. from Arkansas
"Donald has been inspirational to my personal finance "game plan" since the 1990s. I consider him my most trusted mentor. He opened my eyes to the fact that anyone can author their financial destiny through goal setting, developing strategies, and execution. He is living proof that it is possible to dream big and achieve success while staying true to his overarching dedication to philanthropy. The wealth of information, advice, and inspiration he has returned to his clients and circle of influence is immeasurable."
- E.B. from North Carolina

Impacting & Connecting with World-wide Influencers

From multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, financial experts, kingdom influencers and pioneering leaders, our mission is to serve those who have kind hearts and big dreams. No matter how humble your starting point might be - you are worthy to join in this adventure too!

Meet your Mentor - Donald J. Dy

For decades I served elite CEOs, financial advisors & 7-figure entrepreneurs to build their wealth... then in 2020, God intervened.  Now I’m on a mission to reveal the success path to financial freedom for those who are seeking to leave behind a legacy, no matter what their financial background or age might be.  

Donald is the founder of the P727 Movement. He has been doing monthly “Challenges” online since December 2020, covering various topics in Career, Personal Finance, and Investment Strategies. He started his career facilitating corporate training classes for managers in a Fortune 50 company in 1992 and then developed training programs and curriculums in other companies. He has worked with various universities in the US to create collaborative programs for career development and personal development in preparation for advanced leadership and executive roles. Donald retired from the “Rat Race” at 40 years old, a goal he set to accomplish when he was 27! He is now committed to serving more people through the vast reach of the internet. His heart is in serving people, by training in the practical applications of Career Path Development, Personal Finance, and Investment Strategies.


TIME SENSITIVE: Deadline for Applying Closes on Weds 23rd August 2023. Apply NOW.

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Your Purchase Includes:

5-Weeks Group Working Sessions ($2,485 Value)

  • ​Dial in the details of your 10-Year Vision
  • ​Determine your categories for YOUR 10-Year Vision
  • ​Set appropriate goals aligned with your 10-Year Vision
  • ​Group coaching on the Visioneering process

Customized P727 Membership Login ($97)

  • ​Key Word Searchable course videos
  • ​Key Word Searchable Challenge videos for P727 Challenges that you enroll in
  • ​Lifetime Access to All Recorded Training Sessions
  • ​Lifetime Access to All Posted Resources and Documents
  • Lifetime Access to ALL Membership videos and material

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  • VIP to 1st Quarter Challenges ($194 Value) 
    2 scheduled so you can ask questions as you execute your goals in 1st Quarter!
  • Dare to Dream Template ($98 Value)
    Template of questions to ask yourself as you “Dream” so you can reach more of your potential!

Vision to Goals 5-Week Workshop + Bonus = $2,874 Value
Get it for ONLY $497 for a limited time!!

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